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Mum's post nails exactly why mothers need a whole lot of appreciation

A little appreciation goes a long way, and mums know this more than most.

We work, clean, cook, cuddle, and are still expected to act like functioning adults. We need a break, like now. 

Mum-of-two and blogger The Midwife Mumma has a lot to say to her fiance, and we completely agree sister! 

"Dear darling fiancé," she writes.

"I love you but lately you have forgotten who I am & what I do. I am your partner of 12 years, your confidant, best friend and most importantly the mother of your children but more recently, without you saying it, I can tell I'm just the baby bum wiper, the mundane de facto roomie and the worn out wash cloth that desperately needs a revamp…

"I hear you loud and clear – no one deserves a whole 6 hours at a day spa more then us mums but really you need some aftershave because your attitude or lack of, stinks.."

And she really doesn't hold back.

"You walk in the door after a 12 hour work day, worn out, weary & tired. You eat your dinner in peace, pat yourself with your fluffy towel that I dried and slip so quietly into bed with the comfort of your fresh new sheets that I washed, annoyingly dried & frustratingly applied to the king bed just a few hours prior." 

That sound lovely, so you'd think he'd at least say a quick thanks? 

"I love you and that’s why I give myself so selflessly, day in day out, but my god where is the f**ing recognition?

"'Beautiful dinner babe. Nice hair hun. I see you have gone back blonde. Thanks for getting the stain out of my white t shirt. These new flanelette sheets are heaven. Hey thanks for getting these shorts.' Nope – none of it." 

As much as she loves him, she doesn't exactly love the sticky side of parenting. 

"Not one thanks given or appreciation shown. No recognition today, yesterday or probably tomorrow until you read this. You work so hard. I work hard too. I dare say harder then you. I don’t enjoy housework but I do it. I loathe mundane cooking these days but it keeps us well & going.

"I can’t possibly scrape any more skiddies out of undies, but I do it because that’s toilet training. I feel like I am the queen of Groundhog Day, but although not joyous all the time, I do it but please, to save the dragon from spitting fire pretend you loved dinner..thank me for keeping the kids alive and doing the dreaded dinner, bath, bed solo. Because that’s all we want. That’s all I want. Recognition." 

What do you think mums? Should the partners in our lives show a bit more appreciation? 

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