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Mum's post about having her birthday with kids is too relatable

As soon as kiddies come into the picture, birthday parties for mum turn from wine and fun-infused affairs turn into being grateful for a bath and a warm coffee. 

Mum-of-six Krechelle Carter, has celebrating her birthday as a mum down to a tee- and we can definitely relate. 

Posting to her blog, Eight at Home, Carter nails what it's like to celebrate your special day with little ones. 

Her birthday morning is less, breakfast in bed, more like constant trips to the bathroom: 

"The day starts at 5:45 am.  “Better wake her up super early and do three s**ts before midday”. Said every one and two year old ever on their mums birthday.  What is it with the irregular amount of s**t on a day where you just want to relax?" 

But at least her older children left an, ahem, interesting, card on her bedside: 

"Ohhhh I just love how you’ve drawn a flower on a mountain.  'Mum that’s you' 

Ohhhh that’s me is it….. yes…. I mean… of course that’s me!  I just meant, ya know how, sometimes I look like a mountain with a flower on it… yeah that's all I meant; silly mummy." 

Two six-year-olds having a below par code, but a lacklustre card from her 31-year-old husband: 

"All I’m saying is; He better send me a unicorn that s**ts chocolate peanuts later or we have a problem." 

Then it hits her about ageing, another year gone and a new investment in anti-wrinkle cream: 

"To me I’m a sneeze away from loosing all bladder control and I can’t remember where I parked my car at-least twice a day…I go to bed by nine every night, try to moisturise away the wrinkles with a cream…I take more Tablets and vitamins than my Aunt Gertrude and still manage to be tired by 2pm everyday. 

Who am I kidding I’m tired by 9am everyday. And that’s after a triple espresso."

So instead of relaxing, she went out to by a birthday cake. In a flavour the kids want, of course: 

"Somehow I’ve got to venture out of the house as well today with six children and get a chocolate cake because that's the flavour the small people like. They don’t want to see me happy. 

Because if they did they’d let us all have espresso martinis with valium in them." 

But birthdays as a mum aren't all bad, and one day her kids might actually be old enough to get her a present that doesn't compare to a mountain! 

Remind you of any of your recent birthdays? 


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