Mum's picture nails exactly why new mothers need all the rest they can get

Taking time off to recover after having a baby is a must. You have just been through hours and hours of labour, some might even have to endure a C-section. To put it mildly, you've been through the wars. 

Some experts have noted that it takes a whole year to fully recover from childbirth- and while we're not surprised, we're also not surprised to find that very few mums actually get that amount of support. 

A viral photo has been nailing why exactly mums need time to heal after childbirth. 

Mum Lisa Fry, posts a picture of a paper plate and a measuring tape- measure out to the exact diameter of the placenta. Oh god. 

"22cm or 8.6 inches," she writes. "That is the exact diameter of a paper plate, AKA the fine china in our house. It is also the average diameter of a placenta." 

That is huge.

"After a baby is born, mothers are told to take it easy for at least 4-6 weeks. There are good reasons for that! One of those reasons is that after the baby is born, mothers are left with a wound on the inside of their uterus where the placenta was attached. That wound will take at least 4-6 weeks to completely heal."

Fry goes on to explain that even if you had a straight-forward natural delivery, it doesn't mean that you're out of the danger zone.

"During that time they are still susceptible to infection and haemorrhaging. Even if they have a complication-free vaginal delivery and feel okay, they will still need to take care of themselves and not overdo it for those first several weeks postpartum." 

Despite making it clear that she is not a medical professional, Fry continues to advocate for common sense and for women to listen to their bodies. 

"To those mothers, rest! To their husbands, partners, parents, in-laws, friends – let them rest! Help out as much as you can and don’t let them overdo it!

"As the saying goes 'one week in bed, one week around the bed, and 2 weeks around the house.'"

Speaking to Scary Mommy, Fry, a former health care professional-turned-stay-at-home-mum, reveals that her own birth experience lead to to be come an advocate for great postpartum care. 

“[W]hen my oldest was born … I sustained a fourth degree tear,” she says. “I chose home births with my next two births and felt so amazing physically after those compared to my first birth, that I didn't take the time to rest like I should have. While preparing for those births I became very passionate about maternity care.”

She since has gone on to create a Facebook group for other mums who suffered fourth degree tears. The inspiration behind the post came when she was speaking to  friend who had just given birth. 

“[A]fter one of my friends had a baby, I was in a conversation with a few of my friends about recovering afterwards,” says Fry. “When I brought up that the wound left inside you is a big reason why we are told to rest for a few weeks, I could see the light bulb go off in their head. They all said ‘I've never thought about that before, but it makes so much sense!’”

Fair play to Fry for bringing it to light. An important reminder to new mums to rest up! 

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