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Mum writes the most honest, heartwarming post to her partner, and it's beautiful

As soon as kids arrive on the scene, your relationship with your other half can change drastically.

The added pressure of children to care for means you can no longer enjoy those spur of the moment nights out or away, and you really have to make an effort to spend quality time together. 

But quality time doesn't just mean going out for dinner (although that is nice), oh no. 

As mum-of-one Gylisa Jayne explains, simple things like putting a fence up in the garden can help you feel closer.


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Taking to Facebook, the mum, who blogs at Gylisa Jayne, wrote an open letter to her fiancé, Ryan, and it really touched a cord with all of us here at MagicMum HQ

"Remember when we lived our deliciously selfish days," she writes. 

"Remember when we could sit in a restaurant for hours, and take our time thumbing the menu, and maybe we WOULD have that cup of tea afterwards, and sit in silence for a bit thinking about our own things."

Continuing, she explains how things have changed now they are parents, with their time split between parenting and the "Holy Grail 'Baby Free Time'".

"Are we just parents?" she questions. "Just 'Mum' and 'Dad' now?"

"So we meticulously plan our baby free time; in the first year it was for evenings out. For one drink before heading back. For two hours of ' do you think she's alright without us ?' ' do you, though?' 


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"Nowadays it's more practical. 

"We spent four hours putting up a fence in the garden the other day. You snapped at me for not listening, and I snapped at you for ' fucking around not doing anything'… 

"I worried then, that the romance had gone. 

"The excitement had been snuffed out by our roles in our child's life. 

"But we sat together on the wall for a minute. And I looked at you and thought you were still the most handsome man I've ever seen."

And as Gylisa highlights, those fancy dinner, while nice, aren't the be all and end all of a relationship: it's those "small, nameless moments" that matter. 

"It might seem silly, to those couples that still spend half an hour thumbing through a menu.

"The ones that can take hours getting ready and don't have to organise a babysitter beforehand – to feel romantic over a bit of digging in the garden. 

"But I realise now that real romance is in the small nameless moments. The moments you spend smiling at the person you love just because they are there. Not because you are anywhere special."

And as the mum quite rightly explains: "The romance doesn't go away when you have a baby, it's just found somewhere else."

We love this! 

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