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Mum warns parents to 'taste test' Nurofen after toddler's reaction

Last week, Alicia Holder took to Facebook to warn her friends about a bad experience she and her young daughter had. 

Little Riley was not feeling great, so Alicia went out and bought a bottle of Nurofen for children,and gave her daughter the required dose. 

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"She instantly cried and grabbed at her throat" Alicia explained on Facebook, in a status that includes a picture of the bottle. 

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The outraged mum continued "myself, Greg and my brother all had small tastes and suffered a spicy burning feeling at the backs of our throats."

Alicia shared her story on Facebook, and urged parents to taste test medicines before giving it to their little ones. 

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The Facebook status, which was posted last week, has been shared over 17,000 times, with many parents feeling upset.

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Alicia has reached out to the Nurofen manufacturers, and is waiting for a response. 

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