Mum uses the most EPIC trick so her triplets follow her throughout the house

Ali Hynek is a very busy mum to her adventurous toddler triplets.

Now we are all aware how hard it is to dress one toddler or move them from one place to another, so can you honestly imagine doing the same tasks for three busy little bees?


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No, neither can we.

But we’re not as clever as this mama it seems!


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Ali took to her Instagram to show us how she gets PEA (Penelope, Ethan and Alejandra) to move from one room to another without losing anyone.

And it is an absolute genius move.


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The mum-of-three plays ‘follow the leader’ while moving from room to room, and her little tots all follow in unison.

And just look at the cuddles she gets when it’s all done! The cuteness!

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