Mum-to-be takes part in maternity shoot, but you’ll NEVER guess what the photographer does

When this woman took part in a pregnancy shoot, she had no idea the photographer was going to transport her to another world.

Veronica Phillips is heavily pregnant but she is going through the experience alone.

Her husband Brandon is serving overseas and will miss the birth of his baby boy, therefore, he wasn’t around to see the shoot take place.

But that’s when Jennifer Ariel Photography stepped in.

Wanting her husband to be in the snaps, Veronica asked Jennifer what could be done, but she wasn’t expecting such a wonderful gift from the photographer.

Jennifer photoshopped Brandon into the snaps, but the image has Brandon’s hand placed on his wife’s pregnant tummy.

And it is such a powerful photograph. 

With Brandon kitted out in his army uniform, with the dessert filling the background, his hand can be seen placed on his wife's bump.

But in stark contrast, Veronica is perceived to be in paradise. 

Isn't it just beautiful? Have you any significant pregnancy snaps like this?

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