Mum-to-be gives her grandmother a birthday gift, and her family is left STUNNED

When Kahley and her husband Jay decided it was time to have children, they didn’t realise it would be two years before they would conceive.

And following countless trips to the fertility treatment centre, they were informed their chances were significantly low.

But one day they became that miracle couple when a pregnancy test revealed that they were about to become parents – Kahley was pregnant.

Both Kahley and Jay decided they would surprise their family as they too had known the difficult journey the couple had embarked.

So they arrived at Grandma’s house for her 80th birthday to deliver the news, but there was a HUGE surprise in store.

Grandma is a giant supporter of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team, while Kahley’s husband Jay is a big fan of rivals Detroit Red Wings.

And when they gave her the gift of three red wings baby grows with ultra-sounds hanging from each one, the family realised Kahley was pregnant – with TRIPLETS!

The look on the guys' faces when they hear the word triplets is absolutely gas.

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