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Mum tells child she's being 'over-dramatic'... until doctor proves her wrong

With kids, it's impossible to tell whether they're being dramatic or whether they're in actual pain. 

That's a lesson that Kristen Hewitt, mother of a self-confessed "drama queen" learned the hard way.  

She was having a tickle chase with her children, until her daughter smashed her toe off the corner of an entertainment centre. 

Despite the Lila's cries of pain, Hewitt hold her (like everyone mum does at some point) that; "You’re fine. It’s just a bruise, walk on your heel." 

Turns out, Hewitt was wrong, Lila in fact had two broken toes, one of which was completely severed.

"When our parents told us not to run in the house? Sage advice." 

Luckily, 8-year-old Lila was quick to forgive her frazzled mother:

"I’ve never seen anyone so ridiculously happy about a cast! (And thankfully she forgave me for being worst mum of the year.) Hope she’s still smiling in a week when the itching starts…." 

Hewitt's tale has encouraged other mother's to share their stories of undiagnosed injuries. 

Turns out misunderstanding injuries is not as uncommon as you'd think! What do you think, have you ever had a misdiagnosis moment? 


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