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Mum stores her toddlers' bottles in the BEST way, and we don't know why we've never done it

Brooke McDaniel is a mum-of-two who has literally blown us away with her creative mind. 

The clever innovator has shown us where she stores her baby bottles and we just cannot believe how simple yet effective the hack is. 

The Texas woman bought a shower caddy, hanging it in her pantry, and neatly storing each bottle on the shelves. 

And not only does it hold bottles, but you can clearly see the toddlers' soothers hanging at the bottom too. 

Brooke had previously posted the hack to her mummy support group, but with such an overwhelming response, she felt compelled to share the idea with other mums out there. 

And to be honest, we could not be happier that she has – this is going to make such a big change to our overflowing presses.

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