Mum shuts down postpartum impressions with one single photograph

While we are all in agreement that social media and reality are two very different things, we still manage to feel discouraged when we come across the 'perfect' mum online. 

It sets in sometimes; perhaps you were having a bad day, or you just allowed your mind to wander for a bit, nevertheless you will end up feeling crap. 


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And in a world where we are met with unrealistic photos of postpartum bodies, we can understand why mums too often feel under pressure.

Swedish mum, Sandra Uhrdin, gave birth to her second baby recently, but she has shed some light on the reality of a postpartum body. 


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Posting a side-by-side photograph, the mum-of-two shows how not everything is always as it seems. 

On the left side, Sandra is posing whereby her tummy appears flat just a mere 11-days post-birth. 

However on the right, Mum poses in a 'reality' shot on the very same day – depicting her real postpartum body.


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Sandra uploaded the pictures in an effort to show mums that there is no such thing as perfect, and your body will heal at its own pace. 

"It takes time for the body to recover after a pregnancy. It's important to give your body time, no one will be restored overnight."


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Moreover, she recognises the amazing gifts which her body gave her: "My body has given me two healthy boys and I am forever grateful."

We don't think we need to tell you these gifts are more important than a flat tummy – we're all beautiful mums.

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