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Mum shares VERY different photos to prove social media isn't reality

Our confidence can take quite the knock after scrolling through our Instagram feed for a few minutes. Our feed is full of photos of mums looking glamorous in their best dresses, dream family holidays and heavenly cakes that we could only ever dream of baking.

However, the UK’s top parenting vlogger has reminded us that Instagram isn’t a true representation of someone’s life.

Mum-of-two Louise Pentland penned an inspiring note that has made us realise that what we see on Instagram isn’t everything.


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She shared two photos of herself to make her strong point. One shot showed the mum looking simply stunning before a lavish work event, and the other was of Louise with messy hair, casual clothes and a makeup-stained face.

She wrote: “This is a gentle reminder that social media is a highlights reel of someone's life and not the full show.”

“The first picture is me at a glossy work thing, with hair and makeup, a flattering pose and a filter, the second is a true depiction of what MOST of my life looks like and that's okay," she explained.


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Louise urged her fellow mums to remember that what we see online is only the highlight of someone’s life.

“I just spent the first few minutes of my week scrolling through FB feeling more and more dejected that I'm not in a bikini on a beach, not cooking up avo on sourdough, not standing in a flower meadow with my bae and a few sun flares,” she admitted.

We have all had those moments where we feel guilty about not living a glamorous and extravagant Instagram life, but Louise is right, social media isn’t reality.

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