Mum reveals her 'weird' pregnancy quirk and too many mums can relate

An expectant mother has taken to BabyBumps to divulge her nesting frustrations, and we're crying. 

The mum-to-be is a lover of all things decor, and having just moved into her new home, she had the place designed just the way she imagined. 

However, things have taken a slight blip; now that she's pregnant, she's finding she no longer wants the house in the same pattern. 

The weirdest pregnancy "problem". from BabyBumps

Consistently changing items including rugs, wall hangings and wanting to re-paint the entire house, her husband is slightly confused. 

Well, we're not going to lie we find the whole debacle hilarious as we know all too well how quickly we change our minds when pregnant. 

Other mums have responded though, and their stories are just as funny as well as interesting.

Some of the mums-to-be reflect that their nesting and sense had a profound effect on their actions, some wanting to be alone in dark rooms, while others got to work re-arranging furniture. 

Tell us, what were your habits while expecting – did you have an eclectic way of nesting or did you drive your SO cuckoo?

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