Mum puts signs on the toilet for her sons, and it is GENIUS

We all love a good life hack, something that will make our lives that little bit easier.

And when it comes to our children, well, any tips that will remotely help with the chaos are always warmly welcomed.


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So when mum Kristina Kuzmic posted a photo on how she’s toilet training her sons we were all over it!

The mum-of-three has two sons, and she has seemingly lost all patience with their peeing habits.


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Tired of cleaning up, Kristina left a few notes lying around for some light reading when her sons are using the bathroom. 

And trust us, you couldn't 'miss' them. 


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The signs which are clearly labelled around the toilet bowl state: "Pee in this hole," "Pee here," and "Don't pee here."

We think the boys may have got the message, but we're going to wait on an update first! 

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