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Mum points out that people take medicine when they're sick, so why can't she

Toni Hammer is a mum, wife and writer. 

She's a strong willed woman, who has fought many battles throughout her life, but there's one battle that she is consistently scrutinised for. 

Toni lives with anxiety and depression, which has been a long hard road, but something that helps her along is the medication she's prescribed to aid her illness. 

Like everyone, when you are sick, you take medication to help you heal. 

But for some reason or other, when you have a mental illness, society scrutinises the use of medication, deciding it should not be a way forward. 

Nonetheless, Toni is trying to break the stigma, explaining how prescribed medication helps her during tough times. 

"I'm not broken, I'm not crazy. Everyday I take this pill, and this one when I'm having an anxiety attack."

"They help me be the best person, partner and parent that I can be," Mum added.

Toni explains that there is nothing physically wrong with her, her brain is just wired differently to others. 

"I needed help and I was strong enough to ask for it, don't judge me for taking medication. It's just medicine."

"If someone is sick, you don't judge them for taking medicine, do you?"

Toni adds to her powerful video: "I'm tired of myself and others being judged and looked down upon and feeling like we are 'less than' because we take medicine for our mental illnesses."

We at MagicMum firmly believe you should never judge someone until you walk a mile in their shoes… and maybe not even then. 

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