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Mum performs wedding ceremony in labour ward where she was about to give birth

Talk about a roller coaster of a day! 

Sushma Dwivedi from New York, was in hospital preparing to give birth. While getting her epidural, the anaesthesiologist began making small talk. The conversation turned to the couple in the next room.

They had planned on getting married before the baby arrived, even getting their marriage licence. However, their new arrival had other plans and the bride-to-be's waters broke two weeks early. 

Still determined to be married before the baby arrived, hospital staff were doing their best to locate the hospital's chaplin, with no avail. 

Hearing all of this, Dwivedi had an idea. She was ordained on thr Internet several years ago and offered to perform the ceremony for them- despite just getting an epidural herself. 

"Clearly our stars have all aligned'" she recalled, talking to Love What Matters. "The only catch: we’d have to move fast, because my epidural is kicking in and you know, labour." 

Delighted, the nurses arranged the bride's hair, fashioning a flower crown. They sprayed Dwivedi's room with lavender and found the groom a bow-tie. By now, it was after midnight and the wedding begun.

"I can’t say I’ve ever had a chance to actively choose to insert myself into someone else’s love story. But I was about to bring life into the world and I’ll be damned if this kid didn't learn that when given the option, he should always choose love. It takes so little to do something kind for someone else." 

Ceremony itself, while unusual, was spontaneously beautiful. 

"So – a little after midnight, a little loopy, I officiated a wedding in the middle of my hospital room for a beautiful couple before they had their own child and I had mine. The team at Cornell turned it into a celebration – with flowers, a processional and even a reading! One of the nurses wrote a poem! Totally surreal, totally lovely."

Four hours later, Dwivedi's son, Nayan arrived; "7 lbs, 6 oz, 21 inches, head full of hair, first life lesson already enforced.

"I don’t think it will ever get better than this.”

Simply amazing! 

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