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Mum pens beautiful tribute to her ‘middle’ child, but what happens next is HILARIOUS

There’s just some things in life that you can’t script and this is definitely one of them.

Claire Treacy is a mum-of-three who blogs over at Mammys Bright Side, but her kids’ latest escapades has us in the knots.

Her son, the youngest, had an accident and needed to be brought to the hospital.

But of course, his accident coincided with her middle child’s camogie training where she won an award.

Feeling like an awful parent, Claire contemplates she’s the worst mother in the world while in the hospital waiting room with her son, and puts her reasoning for this into categories:

(A) I had no idea how he hurt himself so bad.

(B) I had no idea when he hurt himself so bad.

(C) I had once again missed something important for child 2.

(D) Turned out he was absolutely fine so I had missed child 2 getting her trophy for nothing.

The mum-of-three admits that missing out on her middle childs finest moments is something that happens quite often, telling us:

“You see child 2, well, she's pretty much perfect. You would think that's a good thing.”

“I mean it is, it's just in between her sisters ever growing list of after school activities and playdates, and her brothers ability to lose his mind along with copious amounts of shit throughout the day, her happy go lucky, non shit giving little self sometimes gets the least of my attention.”

With the mum explaining that this sometimes causes her to worry, like all mums, you want to be there, everywhere all the time, but we know this isn’t possible.

To make up for it, Claire reveals:

“I end up staring at her as she sleeps riddled with guilt, taking in every inch of her perfect, happy go lucky, non shit giving little self, promising to be better, for her, I need to be better.”

Then Claire decided to write a beautiful message to her little girl, to let her know she’s there, watching:

“I see you in the mornings, your big smile as you go with the flow, humming and without complaint completely oblivious to the other two scalds who by 8am have usually been the cause of me cursing under my breath 465,000 times…

And signing off the mum shares: “I see you dance and sing… you actually have no idea of the joy you bring. But yes my sweet, sensitive, funny, caring beauty… I see you”

And then it happens… minutes after penning the piece.

Mum attaches two photographs of her darling middle child, with a text conversation from her sports trainer resting beside it:  

“What do you say to a five-year-old when they say that you have more wrinkles than her teacher? Lol.”

Safe to say Mum wasn’t lying when she said child 2 really doesn’t give a poop!

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