Mum of baby with cleft palate got the most amazing surprise

Sarah Heller discovered that her son had a cleft palate when she was 24 weeks pregnant, and has been an exciting journey for her ever since.

The adorable Brody was born healthy and happy, and soon after his birth, the reconstructive treatment began for his cleft upper lip.


Enjoying our all day snuggle session and providing proof that I survived #labor.

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The proud mum decided to share images of Brody's progress on her Instagram account, and received countless wonderfully supportive comments. 


We go together like lamb and tuna fish. 

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Despite all the support the family received, a few weeks ago someone left a comment saying "what's wrong with his face?"

The comment upset Brody's loving parents, but hours later something remarkable happened. 

Sarah was out for dinner with friends, when the waiter came over and handed her a folded up napkin.

Within the napkin was a cheque for $1,000, with a note that read "For the beautiful baby"… HOW NICE?

Sarah was overwhelmed, and burst into tears as a result of her joy. 


I could just die. 4 days post lip repair and we've got ourselves a happy little boy again!

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The money was put towards Brody's second surgery, which he is healing well from. 


If only we all smiled like this when we weren't feeling well. #mybabyistougherthanyou

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“The generosity of a complete stranger restored our faith in humanity” Sarah said. 

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