Mum lists 44 reasons why daughter threw tantrum in one day

Anyone who shares a roof with a three-year-old will know only too well that life can take a dramatic turn in the space of mere moments, and in the most ordinary circumstances. One woman who can certainly attest to this is Jenna Gallina, mother to a very lively ‘three-nage’ girl.

After a particularly stressful day with her tot, Jenna decided to put things into perspective by making a list of all the things that her daughter threw a tantrum over in those 24 hours – and she easily came up with 44.

We’re not even kidding – we have the entire list set out below for you to peruse.

Sharing the list to Babyology, Jenna revealed that her daughter’s tantrums were sparked by anything and everything from putting her underwear on backwards and eating triangular sandwiches to her muesli bar breaking in two.

Here is the complete list:

  1. She wanted to wear her Elsa shirt (which is in the dirty clothes pile).
  2. She put her underwear on backwards.
  3. I put the wrong episode of Strawberry Shortcake on.
  4. I didn’t get her breakfast quickly enough.
  5. She didn’t want cereal. She wanted oats.
  6. I gave her the wrong bowl for her oats. She wanted the bowl that her uneaten cereal was in.
  7. She spilled oats on her knee.
  8. She wanted the small spoon.
  9. I gave her the yellow blanket instead of the pink blanket.
  10. She wanted to wear her Elsa dress instead of her Elsa shirt.
  11. It’s not her birthday today.
  12. Her seatbelt felt funny.
  13. Her brother looked at her in the car.
  14. The cat wouldn’t let her pick him up by the tail.
  15. She couldn’t open the wrapper to her muesli bar.
  16. I opened the wrapper to her muesli bar too much.
  17. Her muesli bar broke in two.
  18. When colouring in, I used the wrong colour of blue for Cinderella’s dress.
  19. I sat on her imaginary friend.
  20. She put her shoes on the wrong feet.
  21. Peppa Pig ended.
  22. I cut her sandwich into triangles.
  23. I cut her second sandwich into squares.
  24. I wouldn’t let her play in the car.
  25. I suggested we take a nap.
  26. She dropped her hat on the road.
  27. I didn’t let her answer the phone.
  28. I sat on the wrong side of the couch.
  29. It started to rain.
  30. I had to cook dinner.
  31. Her brother talked to her.
  32. She spilled her water.
  33. I used the red towel to clean it up. I should have used the pink one.
  34. I had a shower without her.
  35. I helped her brother with his homework.
  36. She lost her doll’s pink shoe.
  37. I asked her to take a bath.
  38. I asked her to get out of the bath.
  39. The towel felt itchy.
  40. Her brother got his pyjamas on quicker than she did.
  41. I turned the page of her bedtime story incorrectly.
  42. Teddy fell off the bed.
  43. I didn’t tickle her arm properly.
  44. I yawned.

 Jenna, like many other mums, is a total trooper though, and she was not to be deterred by her little one’s temper-tantrums.

“Let’s prepare to do it all over again tomorrow. Because, even the worst of tantrums can be erased with a simple cuddle, kiss and ‘I love you, Mummy’,” she wrote.

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