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Mum left fuming after strangers say 42 is too old to be breastfeeding

Mum-of-two Stefania took to her Facebook page, Mama's World, following a recent visit to the doctor – a visit which left her fuming.

Under a picture of her breastfeeding her daughter, Stefania explained that while waiting for her appointment she overheard a conversation between two women that shocked her. 

"I was at a doctor's appointment when I overheard this conversation between the two ladies sitting next to me…" she wrote. 

"I am sure you are all familiar with the " too old to breastfeed" remark, BUT have you ever heard it in relation to the MOTHER?

"That's right, these two ladies were going on about how a woman they knew, who is 42 years old, was, in their opinion, too OLD to breastfeed!!

"And how her milk is probably not GOOD enough because of her age, to the disadvantage of the baby."

Stefania, who is from England, has been nursing for six years, since the birth of her first child – a journey she has shared with her many followers. 

And up until that doctor's appointment, the mum thought she had heard it all – that no comment could shock her anymore.

But she was wrong. 

Admitting that she was left fuming, the blogger continued: 

"REALLY? Whaaaat? I was fuming.

"I kid you NOT, a few minutes later my daughter climbs on my lap wanting the boob ( talk about right timing), and needless to say, I granted her wish immediately.

"NOW, I am not one that looks for confrontations or arguments, but I COULDN'T RESIST: obviously the ladies noticed I was breastfeeding ( wasn't hiding), I turn to them and I tell them:

"'By the way, I am 44 years old, 45 next June and my milk is perfect!'

"The look on their face, priceless."

Since sharing her story, Stefania had been receiving nothing but praise, with many people sharing their own experiences. 

"I got told I’m to young to even have a baby let alone breast feed by a lady in my OB office I am in my 20s but look quite young," wrote one. 

Another said: "I am having my 9th baby in June and turn 39 in August. So I will be about 42 at the least when I stop breastfeeding my baby."

"To each their own. Too bad people can't mind their own business. I am going to be devastated when I have no more babies to nurse."

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