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Mum left devastated after daughter finds unwrapped Santa present at frontdoor

Trying to hide the children's Christmas presents is like mission impossible at times. We’re slowly running out of hiding places and the fear of them finding their Santa gifts has us feeling way too stressed out.

One mum has experienced quite the horrid dilemma after her daughter’s Christmas present arrived at their home without any wrapping.

The mum was devastated when she arrived home with her daughter to find the gift she asked Santa for at their front door.

Joanna Lovell wrote about the devastating moment for Hull Live, “I was left in a difficult position with my daughter Jasmine yesterday after a bright pink and white large Barbie Ambulance – which was meant to be a Christmas present for her – was delivered to our house without any packaging what-so-ever.”

The mum explained that her daughter was excited at first but then confused as Christmas is still weeks away.

The Barbie van was left on Joanna's doorstep without packaging
Image: Hull Live

Joanna added, “She began asking my why a toy she had put on her letter to Father Christmas just days before, had arrived at our house out of the blue. She reminded me that we haven't even posted her letter to Santa yet, so how could he possibly know she wanted it and why had it arrived early?”

Every mum would hate to be in Joanna’s situation so she shared a warning so this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

She shared that Amazon has an alert on their website that warns buyers that the packaging will reveal what is inside, however, this does not appear if you’re using Amazon on your mobile phone.

She stressed, “To see the message on your phone you would have to scroll right down, past the 'Add to basket' and 'Buy Now' buttons – which I had absolutely no need to do.”

The mum wrote, “As a parent you do the best to keep the magic of Christmas alive for as long as you can – then Amazon come along and clumsily ruin it.”

There’s no doubt Joanna felt extremely disheartened after the incident. We hope it doesn’t ruin the Christmas magic for her little girl Jasmine.

You can read Joanna’s full piece here.

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