Mum keeps certain pregnancy detail a secret and everyone is stunned when they meet Baby

When the Nuluc family from the Netherlands found out they were expecting they decided to keep they sex of their baby a secret.

However, they also decided to keep a certain aspect of their pregnancy a secret from their friends and family.

A pretty significant aspect if you ask us: the fact that they were expecting not one but TWO babies, again – they were already parents to identical twin boys Joshua and Emmanuel.

So you can obviously imagine just how surprised everyone was when they went in to visit the little arrival and saw Eliana Faye AND Jesslyn Naomi lying there in their sweet little pink hats.

From Great-Grandfather to aunts and uncles, the Nuluc family shocked everyone when they spotted two little girls lying side-by-side in separate cots.

Everyone’s reaction is priceless; tears, stunned silence and shrieks of surprise – no one knows what to do at all.

This is so sweet.

Would you be able to keep this kind of thing a secret?!

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