Mum goes into labour while her husband is away… but is determined not to give birth until he’s home

The last thing any of us mums or mamas-to-be would expect is to go into labour without our partner.

But, as we all know, life very rarely goes according to plan, and we can be left trying to navigate our way through the unknown.

And that is exactly what happened to Katrina Wythes when she started experiencing contractions an hour before her husband was due to get on his flight home.

Dad had been deployed when his wife was three months pregnant and now, six months later, he was in a race against time to be at the birth of his second child. Katrina was also determined not to give birth until he was home.

“The entire deployment we joked how I'd go into labour at his homecoming, while actually we tried not to think about the possibility of him missing the birth of our second daughter,” she wrote on the Love What Matters Facebook page.

“My contractions started about an hour after he boarded his first plane to come home.

"He landed to a text saying 'I think you better hurry!' and a screenshot of my contraction timer app.

"I was determined to be there to pick him up, so I just prayed my heart out, and begged baby girl to wait for her Daddy.”

And, thankfully, he made it just in time!

Katrina went to collect her husband (while in the throes of labour) and after a few hugs and kisses the couple jumped into their car and headed straight to the hospital.

A few hours later baby Julianna arrived. 

Katrina proves how incredibly strong us ladies are, and we are in awe of her!  

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