Mum gives birth during Hurricane Irma and picks a very appropriate name for her baby

As Hurricane Irma sweeps across the Sunshine State of Florida, millions have been ordered to evacuate. 

Among the mass upheaval, emergency services have been on high alert, resources far outstretched. 

So much so, that when a woman called the emergency helpline as she went into labour, there was no one available to reach her in time!

The City of Miami's official Twitter account revealed the fire department were unable to make their way to Little Haiti in a bid to transport the mum-to-be to hospital. 

Instead the local health department talked the mum through a home birth – bringing a beautiful baby girl into the world.

Within 24 hours the fire and police department made their way to Mum and Baby to safely transport the pair to Jackson hospital. 

The incredible new mum not alone brought her little girl into the world among scary, yet amazing circumstances, she also gave her newborn the most memorable name. 

No, it's not Irma, the newborn will carry the name – Nayiri Storm – a beautiful ode to the unfolding events on the day of her birth. 

Welcomed with open arms by emergency crews, the tot will have quite the remarkable story to tell grandchildren in the future!

What an amazing woman Mum is – have you ever had to deliver a baby at home? Share your remarkable stories with us. 

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