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Mum forced to evacuate her home panics when she realises she forgot her mum

The people of Florida have been on edge recently with the threat of hurricanes wreaking havoc.

As many families as possible have been urged to flee the Sunshine State in an effort to stay safe.

Florida based mum, Nikki Pennington, has given us some insight into living through the threat of a hurricane, and it will certainly make you grateful for what and who you have in your life. 

Like most families in the state, the Pennington's have an evacuation plan, albeit, each family plan will be different from another. 

"Even though we were prepared when that category four possibly five took a turn for us and we were in her path that evacuation plan went out the window."

"We grabbed all the things that we could never replace and out the door we went that Saturday morning," explained Nikki. 

Being a mum, Nikki went through everything in her head over and over again, thinking about what they brought and what they left behind while heading out of town. 

"Stuck in traffic I suddenly realised we left something, or someone per say. I instantly called my friends and my Dad."

The conversation between Nikki, her dad and her friends was emotional and confusing: "Me: You guys, I left her. Friends and Dad: Who?! My God who did you leave?! Me: Mum, I left my Mum."

However, even in the face of a hurricane, Nikki can rest assured she has the greatest friends and family around, as her friends offered to go and get her mum.

"Dad: Wait, Nikki, are you okay, your Mum died?! Me: Her urn, I left her urn. Dad also: Looks like she's riding out Irma."

From that moment forward, Nikki's mum was added to her family's evacuation plan, as thankfully, she survived Irma, but Nikki is thankful for a lot of things, one of them hitting her hard. 

"I'm thankful for the friends that were willing to face the storm to rescue her."

"Friends that are willing to go save an urn in the face of category four or five hurricane are hard to come by y'all and I'm thankful for them."

These are the kind of friends we need. What an amazing act of kindness and a stark reminder of the invaluable things in our lives. 

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