Mum expecting rare 'mono mono' twins gets a shock at routine ultrasound

Monoamniotic or ‘mono mono’ twins are identical twins that occur when the egg splits late.

This causes the siblings to share the same amniotic sac but have separate umbilical cords.

They are extremely rare and only one in 10,000 pregnancies result in mono mono twins.

These types of twins are considered high risk as there is much greater chance of the cords becoming tangled – something that Jessica and Keith from Colorado know about all too well.  

The couple are expecting two little girls – whom they have named Tatiana and Trinity – but at a routine exam, doctors realised that an umbilical cord was right in front of one of the twins.

Due to the high risk, Jessica was placed on bed rest for two months, and the babies were closely monitored.

"It’s just floating around in there; it’s right in front of her face. They are being monitored three times a day,” Jessica explained.

While there is a 20 percent risk of mortality throughout the pregnancy, but Jessica and Keith are staying positive.

“It’s extra special.”

“They are always together in there, always cuddling, always touching,” Jessica told TNJ4 News.

What an incredible story to tell the girls when they are older.

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