Mum believes late husband's spirit was at pregnancy shoot and the pictures will give you the chills

Kelly Luethe from Wisconsin was just 18 weeks pregnant when her husband Jarrett tragically passed away in a car accident. 

She and their two children were devastated by the loss. Speaking to Parents, Kelly was also heartbroken that her husband would never get to meet their youngest son. 

 "My heart breaks for our son who will never get to meet his dad," she said. "The week after Jarrett’s accident was when we were supposed to find out the gender, so he never even got to know he was having a boy. I decided to keep the appointment to find out even though it was the day after his funeral. I took my mom and his mom with, and when the ultrasound tech said it was a boy we all screamed and cried with happiness and sadness. It was so bittersweet." 

In order to keep Jarrett's memory alive, she arranged to have a profession pregnancy shoot. Something she had not done with their other two children. 

She contacted professional photographer Jessica Brandau, and they decided to photoshop faded images of Jarrett into the pictures. 

No photoshop was necessary though. Because, Kelly believes, Jarrett showed up in his own special way. 

Brandau, while developing the photographs she noticed the presence of rainbows and orbs. In more than one picture, position and in different locations. 

The rainbow is especially important to Kelly as she and Jarrett  had a miscarriage with the last pregnancy. Making this one a rainbow baby. 

"When Jessica mentioned a rainbow showing up, and then showed me, I noticed it was right above my belly," Kelly shared. "This child was our rainbow baby, and I immediately thought of that, and then I thought Jarrett had to have had something to do with it. Instantly gave me chills and made me teary-eyed.

I knew he was with me then. I miss him terribly… he was an amazing father and husband." 

After researching the orbs that appear in the photos, Kelly found that the green orb is meant to represent happy and healing energy. 

Of course, people were quick to dismiss the phenomenon as light refractions, but Brandeau said that in her career she had never seen anything like it, or in so many photos. 

Kelly agrees: 

"All my friends and family believe Jarrett was with me that day, and that this was the sign I had been longing for since his accident," she says. "I wouldn't have received such a beautiful sign from my husband without Jessica's willingness to do the pictures for me. It has given me some peace during this awful situation."

Kelly plans on naming the baby boy boy Jarrett after his departed father. 

"I will make sure he know that his dad is his guardian angel and will always be watching over him."

We're not crying, you're crying.

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