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Mother refuses to allow son's book be published before his story and it's beautiful

Ellie Whetzel has taken a stance on what her son's disability really means and the mum could not be more right. 

Ellie's little boy, Leo, suffers from autism, having had several assessments and evaluations thrown his way in his short life.

Moreover, the same conclusion was given each time – he has autism, and his level of ability was varied. 

But just because he was diagnosed as autistic, his mum didn't want her son to feel different, or to have his opportunities stripped. 

"None of these factors allow permission to stifle the opportunities which may lie ahead for my boy, to publish his book before he has the chance to tell his story…"

"The challenges, which are, and will no doubt continue to be woven throughout the chapters of Leo's journey, do not define or serve to showcase his extraordinary personality; his humour, kindness and charm."

The four-year-old's diagnosis is not an indication of a lack of intelligence, strength, perseverance or worth and his mum took to her blog to reinforce her point about her son's characteristics. 

"They are simply small pieces of what make up an incredibly unique and beautifully complex individual. Brilliant is defined as; very bright, radiant, and glittering, qualities which are unmistakably and inherently, 'Leo'."

Ellie reassures the world that while descriptions are needed to help her son navigate his way through certain challenges, her son is much more than the multitude of words outlined on paperwork.

Concluding: "They will not define his story."

What a proud mum Ellie truly is, and we can't argue with her, little Leo will create his own path in life, telling his own story. 

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