Morning sickness... 7 reasons we could totally do without it

Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time… well, that is if you can get through the nine months without having to deal with morning sickness. 

Whether you were only heading to the bathroom once a day or were literally floored by it, here are seven reasons we could totally do it.  

1. Getting up in the morning is already a drag

… never mind getting up to vomit.

2. There are way too many people in the house to hog the bathroom for an hour in the morning

"You've been in there for AGES!"

3. Our desk is the furthest from the office bathroom

And there is that FEAR we won't make it in time.

4. It makes it so much harder to keep your pregnancy a secret

Can food poisoning really last three months…?

5. We're way too busy to be spending hours with our head down a toilet

It's not a pleasant way to spend the morning either.  

6. We are not a fan of the taste of mint… but it's the only thing that helps

And hides our sick breathe smell.

7. It doesn't just last for the morning

We're prone to legging it to the bathroom in the afternoon too. 

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