Mood boost: 7 food items to add to your trolley to make you feel happier

Did you know that Ireland is the third highest country in Europe for consuming processed foods?

A fact that UCC professor John Cryan, who co-authored The Psychobiotic Revolution with Ted Dinan, finds incredibly alarming.

In fact, according to the Irish Examiner, more than 50 percent of Irish diets includes "ultra-processed" foods.

"The impact that has is shocking," Cryan said. 

"There are studies showing the association between processed foods and negative mental health. As a society, we need to wake up to this public health message."

So, what should we be eating? Well, as noted in the book, we should be steering away from processed foods and moving towards wholegrains and leafy greens. 

And in a bid to make your trip to the shop a lot easier, we have found 7 foods you need to add to your trolley to boost your mood: 

1. Bananas – rich in potassium and B vitamins 

2. Nuts – packed with fibre, protein  and healthy fats (just don't eat too many because of the calories)

3. Oily fish, like salmon – according to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, fish can help to fight depression

4. Berries – strawberries, raspberries, any kind of berry – as they are packed with vitamins, minerals and micronutrients

5. Carrots – they are jammed packed with fibre

6. Beans – they are high in fibre and provide prebiotics for a healthy gut

7. Oats (like porridge oats) – not only do they keep your blood sugar levels, they also contain the mood-boosting mineral selenium 

Will you be adding of these to your diet?

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