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Man safeguards the memory of his late wife through a coffee can and spoon

Kim Hoskins posted a photo to Love What Matters of her parents, on what would have been their 41st wedding anniversary.

The photo collage showed four pictures, two of her parents together, and two of her dad with a coffee can.

But it was the story behind the picture which inevitably broke our hearts.

When David’s wife Karen passed away in 2012, he packed up everything he owned.

David gave away anything he did not want, only keeping necessary items before moving in with his daughter Kim.

Those necessary items included a coffee can and spoon.

The coffee can was the last thing Karen had bought before she became ill, and the spoon was the last that she had used.

“That's what he kept, and he uses it every single day, when he runs out he puts his new coffee into the old can, never changes spoons.”

“Because that's how they always started their day was with coffee, and so each day he starts his day with my mama” Kim added.

David and Karen had six children, so time for each other was at a minimum. The couple spent every morning drinking coffee together, and every evening dancing when the children were in bed.

Kim said: “Looking at that picture of him with his coffee can you'd never know that that's all he has left of her.”

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