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Man makes sweet proposal to new fiance's daughter... and you will bawl when you see what he does

Introducing children to potential partners can be a scary thought for single mothers.

Well, one woman hopes her story will be an inspiration to single mums out there.

When proposing to Cassandra Reschar, Grand Tribbett made the most beautiful gesture to her daughter.

He brought the two ladies in his life out to breakfast followed by a long walk in the woods. This is where he got down on one knee and asked Cassandra to marry him.

But he didn't end with that.

Grand also made the most touching gesture to Cassandra's daughter, Adrianna. 

He got back down on his knee and made a heartwarming proposal to the five-year-old 

"Adrianna can I be your daddy? To promise to love and protect you for the rest of your life?’” Cassandra wrote on HowHeAsked.

Cassandra began crying with joy at the gesture.

It was clear to her that he didn't just want to marry her but that he wanted to create a family with the two of them. 

Speaking to HuffPost, Cassandra said: “He didn’t have to propose to her or involve her since typically proposals are between just two people. But he knew that my daughter was my world and that this wasn’t just a commitment between us but a commitment to our family.”

To make it official, he gave Adrianna a heart shaped necklace, to which she responded with a simple "thank you".

So, according to Cassandra, he had to ask her again "Is that a yes or no, sweetheart?"

Cassandra continued: "YES!' And then screaming with pure joy, she said, ‘I finally get a daddy, Mommy! I finally get a daddy!’”

Cassandra is hopeful that her story will give inspiration to other single parents. 

“I truly hope our story gives hope to other single parents out there who struggle with dating and feelings that they can never find someone that they love that will also love their children and accept them as their own,” she explained.

“Because I’ve been there and it can be so discouraging when dating as a full-time single parent.”

We don't know about you but we are bawling!

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