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Magic Mums and FujiFilm share the best Father's Day moments

Magic Mum mums have collaborated with FujiFilm to capture the magic of Father's Day, and answer the question of why it's so important.

We asked our readers why the day isn't just a 'Hallmark Holiday', and the results were both hilarious and heart-warming.

Some lovely moments have been shared between their children and Dad, judging by the positive reaction. 93 percent of Irish mums agree that the momentous day should be celebrated.

Over half of mums surveyed admitted to playing down the role that a father plays during the child-rearing years, from infancy to teenage times. 

However, 100 percent of mums had nothing but pure love when asked how it feels to witness a special moment between a dad and their children, unsurprisingly.

We asked Magic Mums mums for examples of some of these priceless snapshots, and the answers made us believe in Father's Day even more.

According to our mums, their #BestDadMoments include; "The times he allowed our girls to give him a full makeover", "The times it rained and he took over pitch-side so I didn't get wet" and "The day he taught our little ones to ride their bikes".

"The nights he got our children to sleep when I simply couldn't", was another classic example, and "The times he let me be 'good cop' when disciplining our children". 

"The life experience stories he shares with our children to teach and empower", "the promises he makes to our children to always be there for them no matter what"and  "The way he makes our children feel when they share their latest achievement", were more sweet gems.

Another memory was, "The belief he instils in our children that they can do and be anything they desire", which all parents can relate to.

"The pure love I witnessed when he held our child for the first time," is possibly the most special moment in a father's life.

Last but not least,"The dad-dance moves he performs for our children for fun or to get them out of a funk". Hilarious, but necessary sometimes. Father's Day is just around the corner, Sunday, June 16.

It's time to get your last minute gifts in order. Our mums showed a strong preference for personalised gifts using photos to capture their #BestDadMoments.

According to Magic Mum mums, the top five most popular gifts this Father's Day are; A personalised photo gift, a new gadget or tech gift, aftershave, golf balls or sporting accessories, and a selection of craft beer.

Laura Erskine, Head of Community for, spoke about the Father's Day findings;

"Sometimes us mums can get a little jealous when we see that dad is the one that they screech excitedly for when he gets home from work, and we’ve been the one cooking, cleaning, tending to homework and cut knees.

"Not to mention the joyous laughter that only dad can elicit when he wrestles them on the bed or blows raspberries on their tummy, and we’re the one reminding them to brush teeth before bed," she added.

“But for all of these #BestDadMoments, there are also those moments where dad takes matters into his own hands and allows us mums to have some peace and quiet.

"Very often, we as mums don’t let dad to be an active parent as much as we should," Laura continued.

"We need to let dad be dad –  unsupervised, with no prior instructions – just figuring it out as we do everyday.

This Father’s Day, "I would urge mums to let dads to be dads, so that both the joyous moments and the more mundane ones, can be more equally shared by both parents.”

“For those considering a special gift this Father’s Day, there is nothing that beats a personalised photo gift depicting one of the #BestDadMoments saved on your camera roll," Laura says.

Creating a personalised photo gift and doesn't have to cost a fortune. FujiFilm have a quality range of photo gifts, including mugs, photo blocks for office desks or a photo book of special moments starting from just €9.99.

For any mums juggling a hectic family life and need a last-minute gift, definitely try the FujiFilm Imagine app, which allows you to order your personalised photo gift from your smartphone and collect it from your nearest store or delivered nationwide.

Father's Day is always a magical time for the dads out there, why not make it a day to remember?

Photos: Moments Photography, Dublin 

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