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'Made my day': Little girl 'accidentally' orders $300 worth of toys and then does this

If you've ever ordered something by accident, you'll know the feeling of panic – HOW much did I spend?!

Recently 6-year-old Caitlin Lunt, gave her parents a major fright when she accidentally ordered $300 worth of toys from Amazon.

How did she even manage that? She was checking out the shipping on a Barbie. 

Her cousin Ria Diyaollu put up the photo on Twitter of the moment that Caitlin's parents got a major surprise as a delivery truck pulled up to their house.

According to CafeMom, the Lunts learned that Caitlin bought the $300 worth of toys online through clicking "instant buy" and had them shipped overnight.

Ria explained that Caitlin had asked her mum to check the shipping on a Barbie they ordered for her birthday and that's when she just started clicking.

The reaction at first on Twitter was one of outrage, with people saying, ''my mother would've SLAPPED that grin off my face, made me donate the toys to goodwill or sell em in a yard sale.''

However, Ria has said that while Catlin has been allowed to keep the Barbie, everything else is being given away.

She then updated Twitter with new photos of Caitlin after she had donated the toys to the children's hospital where she stayed for a week as baby. 

''She wanted to give a little joy to those who aren't well,'' wrote Ria. 

People were delighted at the story's happy ending, writing, ''great for you! Made my day. And the day for others, I am sure.''

Way to go Caitlin, we're sure you've made some children very happy!

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