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YES! The mannequin challenge has made it to Sesame Street

It seems as though everywhere we look, another group of people are attempting the viral mannequin challenge.

The latest gang of folks attempting this weird (and wonderful) challenge, are the fun-loving residence of Sesame Street.

All was going well, and the people from 123 Sesame Street were nailing the challenge, until one character could mo longer stay still.

The culprit? None other than Ernie, who after one minute and 14 seconds decided to tell Bert that his shoe laces were untied. 

Naturally, Bert bends down to tie his laces RUINING the mannequin challenge for the whole crew. 

"It wasn't  me" Bert shouts, hilariously distraught from ruining the video.

The best part? The Sesame Street theme song plays in the background throughout the video… and yes we have had it on repeat all day! 

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