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Little girl loses beloved toy, so store workers search landfill until they find it

When three-year-old Madison's favourite toy disappeared, she was beyond heartbroken.

The little girl had been out shopping in Publix grocery store in Daphne, Alabama with her mother, Jenna Rachal, when she lost the stuffed animal, Bunny. 

She only realised that her toy friend was missing when she got home.

So on Friday morning, Jenna went back to the grocery store to see if anyone might have found Bunny.

Sadly, no one had turned him in so Jenna decided to post on Facebook, just to see if anyone had found the toy by chance. 

She uploaded a photo of Madison clutching Bunny and wrote, ''my little girl left her beloved bunny at Daphne Publix. She has had this since she was born and he goes everywhere with her. We were trying to beat the storm post grocery shopping and left poor bunny in the cart. We have checked with public’s and they have not had anyone turn him in. Help us find bunny!!''

The post garnered huge attention, with people commenting and sharing, trying to help this little girl. 

Soon the manager of Publix, Mike Gayheart, spotted the post and promised to go through surveillance footage to help locate the toy. 

It was discovered that Bunny had been thrown in the trash and ended up in a landfill! Not giving up, Mike gathered three employees –  Alex Chandonnett, Jordan De La Rosa, and Bobby Barnhart – and they searched through the landfill site for Bunny.

They were successful as Jenna later updated her original Facebook post when Bunny was returned to her daughter.

She said, ''I plan on calling Publix corporate to tell them and posting to news sites and radio sites to make sure everyone knows how awesome these ppl are. This is above and beyond and a true example of the good people in the world!'' 

Madison and Bunny are reunited, and it's all thanks to Publix!

Plus, how cute are they?!

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