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Lily O’Brien’s detail which items are found in every dad’s ‘man drawer’

Father’s Day is just a few days away and in honour of this special occasion, Lily O’Brien’s has commissioned a tell-all survey about one of the funniest quirks a dad can have. 

Celebrating the reliable and practical dads in our lives, the beloved chocolatiers have asked the dads of the nation, “What’s in your man drawer?”. 

Many fathers stated that they keep several DIY essentials in their drawer, with 59% storing batteries, 56% keeping a measuring tape and 54% holding on to a screwdriver. 

Many other handy DIY tools were quoted by the dads that were surveyed, as 44% confessed to storing super glue, 42% choosing to keep spare keys and 40% keeping cable ties in their drawer.  

Nearly a third (30%) of dads surveyed keep spare change in their man drawer, over a quarter (28%) store lightbulbs and nail clippers, and 23% hold on to foreign currency ‘just in case’.

4% of dads went on to admit that they keep their false teeth in their man drawer, with the same percentage storing alcohol. 10% are also wishful thinkers, and hold on to their lottery tickets in the hopes of winning big.

Along with these answers, some of the many items stored also included the following:

  • Unopened post
  • Nose hair trimmer
  • Old TV remotes
  • Bottle opener
  • Chop sticks
  • Concert tickets from the 80s and 90s
  • Old tights for storing onions
  • Doctor who magazines from 1970s
  • Used floss
  • Baby teeth
  • Whoopie cushion
  • A wig
  • Marmite
  • Nutella
  • Batman mask
  • Rubber chicken
  • Water balloons
  • A piece of coal
  • Bandanas for the dog

Lastly, many dads have also admitted that they like to have a secret sweet stash of their own, with nearly a quarter (23%) hiding chocolates in their man drawer.

So, this Father’s Day, why not treat the main man in your life to a chocolate selection that he can enjoy all to himself? Lily O’Brien’s entire chocolate collection is available in stores nationwide and online here.

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