Family Life

Liga, Lube and a Bottle of Gin... This gig is one for the ladies

Emma became a mother the same year she legally became an adult. She doesn’t believe women have to retire from living when they have children.

Sure, if that was the case she never would have even sat her Leaving Cert. It’s not all kids talk though, sure who wants that? It’s mostly boldness and slagging herself.

If you enjoy jokes about sex, drinking, family and mowing down cyclists, then Liga, Lube and a Bottle of Gin is the show for you.

In this one hour stand up show Emma (as part of this year’s Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival) explores the world through her eyes. Sarcastic, cynical, no nonsense eyes.

Only a couple of years on the Irish comedy circuit and Emma has already made a name for herself with her unique deadpan style.

She’s performed at some of the country’s best and biggest venues like Vicar St and the Olympia Theatre, supporting names like Al Porter and Deirdre O’Kane along the way.

She’s a regular on Republic of Telly which lead to her appearing in Bridget and Eamon as Dympha.

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