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'Let ME help YOU': 9 signs you've got a strong-willed kid

Does your little one like to argue their point until you simply can't take it anymore and just agree with them for an easy life?

Are you forever trying to remind your little one that they are not in charge of their younger siblings? 

Do you struggle to get your child to do something once they are set against it? 

If you've literally just say yes to ALL of the above, you've probably got a fairly strong-willed child on your hands.

And if you can relate to the following points… then you've DEFINITELY got a strong-willed child on your hands! 

1. They want to know 'WHY?' about everything

'Why they can’t do a certain thing'; 'why they have to go to bed at a certain hour'; why? why? why?

2. They will argue their point until SOMEONE agrees with them

You haven’t got a chance once they’re on a roll.

3. They like to be the boss (of everyone)

You often find them dishing out chores to their younger siblings.

5. They NEVER take your first answer. Ever. 

"But WHY, Mum?!"

6. Rules? What rules?

In your child’s head, rules are only for those who wish to follow them. And they wish NOT to. 

4. They have no patience. At all. 

They want to go to the park NOW!

7. They don’t need help. Ever.

Even if they are struggling to reach the mixing bowl… and are getting flour EVERYWHERE. 

8. They have an opinion on everything. Literally.

“I don’t like that dress on you”; “I don’t want to wear that”; “Why are we having chicken curry for dinner again?!”

9. They can go from 0 to 100 in SECONDS

One minute they’re happily playing houses, they next they're screaming and shouting because so and so wasn’t following THEIR rules.


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