Lego to release Braille Bricks for blind and visually impaired children

Lego are set to launch Braille Bricks for blind and visually impaired children. The products, which are currently in the pilot stage, will help children learn and read Braille in a playful new way.

The Lego Braille Bricks  represent Braille letters and numbers. They can be used by both sighted and visually impaired children together.

Lego said each set will feature around 250 bricks in five different colours. The sets will also have teaching and interactive games for children.

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The bricks will help children learn in a fun, playful way.

The sets are currently being tested in numerous different languages.

Lego are hoping to launch the products in 2020. The Lego Braille Bricks will be provided for free to selected institutions across the globe.

Lego and Braille really are the perfect match. The initiative has received heaps of praise online so far. There’s no doubt they’re going to make a huge difference when the products launch next year.

“LEGO and Braille are such a natural match,” one wrote.

One teacher wrote: “I am a teacher of students with visual impairments and had a struggling #Braille reader in Kindergarten.  Incorporating Legos in to the lesson made all the difference. Grateful!”

One user said: “WOW! I'm sure every blind and visually impaired child will love them! Thanks for making this real!”

These products are bound to make a phenomenal difference for children who are blind or visually impaired.

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