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Lego Dad's parenting perspective is a hilarious account of true events

The trials and tribulations we go through on a daily basis with our children is exhausting. 

From trying to dress them, convincing them vegetables will help them grow, and that school will be the best day's of their lives, it really is tough times. 


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So to help get through all the madness that is parenting, one dad has set up an Instagram account that describes parenting… through Lego. 

Lego Dad is married to Lego Mum and together they have two children. 


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But their kids test their patience to the limit, with Dad showing us all the relatable snaps of how hard life as a Lego dad really is. 

The lessons to be learned from this is that no matter if your children are lego kids or their life-like counterparts, they WILL drive you mad. 


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But we love them all the same, eh. 

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