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Kind strangers in supermarket step in to help single mum in a big way

When Rachel Richardson stepped into her local Aldi in Oklahoma, she was just planning on picking up a few items for her kid's dinners. 

Upon reaching the cash desk however, she realised that her card wouldn't work. 

“We only get $30 a month on food stamps and it was denied," she told local media

“It was embarrassing after working my entire life to not have the ability to pay." 

Richardson had been a teacher, but had recently given up her career to give round-the-clock care for her two adopted children with special needs. 

“I had just given up my 12-year career as a teacher. So it was a big step of faith knowing that our budget was going to be very tight," Richardson said.

The bill had amounted to €35, when two kind clerks stepped in and offered to pay. 

“I said, 'You don't need to do that. I'll find another way.' They said, 'No we really want to.’" 

Unfortunately, Aldi doesn't allow it's employees to speak on camera, but it was said that they are young and wanted to help the single mother. 

The kind strangers, therefore, will remain nameless, but Richardson is insistent that they receive proper recognition for their selfless act: 

“Thank you for making a difference, more than anything, thank you for giving me hope." 

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