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Kid tries to scare his mum, but it doesn't go according to plan

We're edging closer to Halloween and lets face it, it's one of the more exciting times of the year. 

Are you going to be tricked or given a treat? Are you going to dress up as a family or compete for best dressed?

Mary Katherine Backstrom's toddler son decided to get a head start on his costume and his scare techniques, and well, they might need a little tweaking!

Approaching Mum with a blanket over his head, he told her which character he was channelling which left Mary Katherine slightly confused.


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According to the mum-of-two, her son declared: "OoooOoooo! I'm Ass Burn!" 

In the hilarious encounter, the little guy who Mum refers to as 'Nugget', was trying to scare his mum, and inform her he was in fact CASPER! 

The friendly ghost achieved a slight make over in the form of a blue blanket, and a new title…

Mary Katherine tried to explain to her nugget that she didn't understand, while trying not to 'pee' herself.

Asking him to tell her more, the youngster replied: "Yah, mummy! Like ASSSburn the friendly ghost! The friendly ghost!"

Now we're not sure about you but we're in knots of laughter, and as for Mary Katherine, she has informed us of her status: "Me – *falls over dead*."

Do your little ones ever mix up their words? Let us know your funny stories. 

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