Kid mesmerised by dentist who performs incredible magic trick to keep him calm

Going to the dentist is not exactly on everyone's list of favourite things to do of a Saturday.

However, needs must and all that and we'll all find ourselves sitting in that dreaded chair at least one a year. 

But dentists do try their hardest, especially when it comes to treating kids, to keep everyone calm and relaxed. 

Like Dr. Eyal Simchi from Riverfront Pediatric Dentist.  

In a video posted to Facebook last week, you can see Dr Eyal performing a magic trick on a little boy. In the clip you can see the dentist messing around with a magic ball of light, and the youngster is completely mesmerised.

Not surprisingly, the video has been viewed an incredible 21 MILLION times. 

If you're wondering how he does it, have a read below.

And don't worry, it won't take away the magic of the trick – the little boy's face is the best part of the whole thing to be honest. 

"To those who don't know it's a thing in his thumbs that light up when u push it.. lol one of the nurses had that when my son was in the hospital."

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