Kerry Kefir - a NEW Food Academy producer at SuperValu for 2022!

Fermented foods are increasing in popularity due to their nutritional value as well as their healthy bacteria (probiotics). Kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha and live natural yoghurt, contain naturally occurring probiotics which are imparted into the food during the fermentation process. The enzymes and probiotics found in fermented foods help us to digest more efficiently in addition to fighting off unwanted bad bacteria. Studies show that having a more diverse set of healthy bacteria in our gut contributes positively to our overall health.

Kerry Kefir is a premium home-made milk kefir using live kefir grains and locally sourced cow’s milk. Kefir grains are symbiotic cultures of a diverse range of good bacteria and good yeasts, living in harmony together. Kerry Kefir is the only milk kefir available in Ireland made in this traditional manner with no processing involved, and nothing added. It’s as natural as it gets, the same as you would make it at home yourself (if you had time)!

Milk kefir is high in nutrients- calcium, protein, B vitamins and probiotics. When consumed daily it can aid digestion and support our immune system. The diverse range of enzymes present in Kerry Kefir may offer relief from many digestive ailments such as IBS, bloating, acid reflux, stomach cramps, indigestion, constipation etc.  It is also suitable for those who are lactose intolerant as the lactose is broken down by the bacteria during the fermentation process.

The presence of these enzymes in our gut will help break down our food better thereby improving the absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to ensure we gain the greatest benefit from the foods we eat. But this doesn’t just apply to adults. These benefits can be achieved for children who consume it too.

A study showed that 3-6 year olds that consumed fermented dairy every day had a 19% lower occurrence of diarrhoea and respiratory infections than those who didn’t consume the fermented dairy. We all need a good balance of healthy bacteria in our gut to help us fight off those unwanted germs!

While Kerry Kefir is best consumed directly, it is a highly versatile product and is perfect to incorporate into smoothies, dips, home-made bread recipes and pancakes. 

Start incorporating these natural forms of probiotics in to your diet and eating a diverse range of plant fibres to feed these microbes- watch you and your family thrive!

The SuperValu food academy programme helps small businesses through the journey from start up to getting their products on our shelves. So if you're looking to try something new while also supporting local producers – then check out the new Food Academy products at SuperValu, there's a vast array of specialised, premium quality products from small local businesses all around Ireland – including our very own Kerry Kefir.

To find out more about Kerry Kefir – check out their website here.

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