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Keith Duffy talks charity work, family life and teaming up with My Legacy

When we chat with Keith Duffy, he's speaking at the launch of My Legacy Week 2018, a campaign encouraging people to remember a charity in their will.

Lovely idea, isn't it?

As My Legacy Week 2018 is running from the 29th of October to the 4th of November, we chatted to the 44-year-old about what the charity is all about, his legacy plans and finding that family life balance.

Keith, you do a lot of charity work, why did you decide to get involved with My Legacy?

Number one, it's very important for people to make a will these days. Ireland would be one of the slower countries these days for people getting out there doing it. It's important for your loved ones and the family that you care about in your living years are taken care of in the years that you're not here.

Also when I found out that My Legacy existed and that there are over 60 charities involved, now you can leave your legacy to a charity that you're passionate about after you've passed away.

What we're trying to do is to remind people that their will is very important and to say even in your will, apart from looking after your family and friends, that you can leave a bit of your legacy to support a charity that you're passionate about.

You've been involved wih supporting charities for a long time.

My own charity the Keith Duffy Foundation provides support and help to children with intellectual disability, autism and it’s been a great support to mmy daughter [Mia, 18] who's doing wonderfully well now and without the support and awareness that we created over the years I don't think she'd be doing as well.

I've signed the [my charity] The Keith Duffy Foundation up to My Legacy now to appeal to the families it's helped to leave a part of their will to the Keith Duffy Foundation.

So after we're all gone, it will continue to look after the people with intellectual disabilities or sick children.

It's a great initiate, I'm very supportive of it and I'm happy to lend my faith and my name to it.

Have you thought yourself about what you might leave as your legacy?

Well I plan to live another 45 years and I’ve no idea what state my financial affairs I’ll be in then but there is a part of my will that will be left to the My Legacy through the Keith Duffy Foundation:

You mentioned your kids, [Jay and Mia]. Your daughter went to to her Debs there, congratulations. 

Yeah, it’s amazing; these are all little milestones we didn't dream of because we were afraid to.

Mia is a very determined young lady and that was something she wanted to experience so thankfully it worked out well and she enjoyed herself.

Had you told me ten or fifteen years ago that my daughter would be going to her Debs, I would have found it very difficult to believe you.

Does parenthood make you think a bit more about your legacy? Does it change things what you would leave behind?

Not in a huge way. I live for today and we continue to make memories with our children every day.

Having said that, the reality is we’re all going to die one day and to prepare for that and to prepare for what happens when you’re gone, is kind of cool.

I’ve made my will and in it I’ve stated that apart from family and friends that I love dearly, there will be part of my estate left to the Foundation to go to help qnd look after children with intellectual disabilities.

While your kids aren't babies anymore, is there any secret to having a happy family-life balance?

Everybody has their problems, and no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.

We're very lucky, my son Jay is doing very well for himself at the moment, pursuing his dreams as an actor.

Mia is now in DCU, something that we never dreamt of. She is studying computer commerce which is amazing. I drove in the gates of DCY last week to pick her up and I got a bit emotional.

My little girl who I fought for for so many years is now studying a third-level college course. Be careful what you dream for, it just might come true.

My Legacy Week is running from 29th of October until the 4th of November.

To find out more about leaving a legacy gift in your will, please visit .

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