Junebugs and Mayflowers: 5 facts about summer babies that make 'em shine

Are you expecting the arrival of a little Junebug or Mayflower? Is your August angel or July bundle of joy on the way? Your little summer sweetheart will be blessed by the sun and warmth as they come into the world. However, there are some pretty cool unknown facts about summer babies that make them extra special according to science!

Here they are:

1. Their internal clock will be stronger

Do you ever have days where you wake before your alarm clock? Alarm clock meaning digital OR little human, of course. This is because your internal alarm clock can create a routine. Research suggests that summer bubbas tend to have a more reliable internal clock than those born in darker seasons. A study was carried at the Vanderbilt University on a group of baby mice. This showed that mice born and raised in summer light had more accurate internal clocks and more regular behavioural patterns than those born into darker seasons. It turns out, light signals can shape the development of the biological clock and so those born into brightness will have a stronger internal tick-tock!

2. They look on the sunny side of life

Studies show that kiddos born in summer have an abundance of positivity. Researchers over at the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology looked at over 400 people and matched their birth season to personality types in later life. Summer-born optimism can be drawn from a Hyperthermic temperament: a tendency to be excessively positive. This tendency was found to be significantly higher in people born in the summertime. 

3. They are likely to be taller as adults

Well, this might come in handy in your old age…

A study done by The University of Cambridge showed that birth-month has an effect on height in adulthood. Babies born in June, July and August were found to be taller in later life. Scientists attribute these results to the higher levels of vitamin D that mum gets when she is pregnant during the summer months. May as well get a basketball net for the garden now!

4. They will have better control over their emotions from a young age

Research from Japan reveals that little sunbeams will have more control over their emotions and behaviour. The study was conducted on 18-month-olds to see if their birth month had an impact on their ability to ‘voluntarily choose a course of action under conditions of conflict’ and to ‘plan for the future and detect errors’. The babies born in June, July and August scored above their peers. Your summer bundle will give you comfort in the coming years with their emotional intelligence!

5. They tend to be heavier at birth

And this means they are more likely to be healthy in adulthood. According to a UK Biobank study, season of birth is linked to birth weight. Summer bundles tend to be heavier and this is a great sign according to reasearch. Again, this is attributed to vitamin D absorbed by mothers in the second trimester. You may be carrying your little lump around in the heat, but they will give you peace of mind later on when you don't have to worry about their health! 

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