January baby: These names are perfect for your bundle of joy

Are you or anyone you know, expecting this month? January is a time for new beginnings and it can be tough to find a classy yet original name for your new year’s bundle.

We’ve come up with a list of 14 names – 7 girls and 7 boys- to give you some guidance on naming a January baby!



No need to explain! If you’re looking for naming inspo, January Jones, the gorgeous British actress who appeared in the Boat the Rocked, rocks this unusual name- and your baby can too!


Why not name your new-years baby Nova? This gorgeous retro name means new in Latin and has an astrological ring to it- perfect for your little Super Nova this January.


Aurora meaning ‘Dawn’ was the name given to the goddess who personified the dawning of a new day in Ancient Rome. This name is ideal for your baby born in the dawning of the year.


Go for the English version if it suits her little dewy face better.


Ellen DeGeneres was born on the 26 of January so you should name your January baby Ellen, obviously.


On January 3 the French calendar saw the celebration of St Genevieve, the patron Saint of Paris. With so many possible short versions: Eve, Evie, Gen, and Genie, this choice of name is versatile and elegant for your January bundle.


With the promise of a year that is full of new beginnings, Hope is a beautiful choice for a January newborn.



Don’ throw away your shot, name your little one after American Founding father and the recent subject of the BEST MUSICAL EVER; Alexander Hamilton. This historical figure was born on January 11 and his classy name will be gorgeous for your January baby too!


Felix is the Latin for ‘Good fortune’ and is the perfect name to give your son born in the new year!


Sir Isaac Newton (GRAVITY) was born on January 4 in 1643. This biblical name has been recently revived and is unofficially the coolest name for your baby boy born in the first month.


It might sound out there, but your little king will ROCK the name he shares with the king of rock, Elvis Presley- born on January 9.


This biblical yet timeless name of the first man created is so gorgeous and makes sense for your little man born in the first month!


This name is gorgeously sophisticated for your little gentleman but stay with me for some January significance; Giles means little goat, the perfect choice for a little Capricorn!


Yes, at the moment we associate this amazing name with the GORGEOUS Idris Elba… However, Dr Martin Luther King whose activism against racial injustice changed the world, was born on January 15. This makes the name Luther perfect for your little one who might change the world someday too!


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