'It's an honour': Starbucks employee helps deliver baby outside store

It was just your regular night at a Starbucks in Tacoma, Wyoming.

The last thing Rashelle Rehms expected was to be helping a stranger to give birth outside the store!

“It all seems kind of like a dream,” she told Kiro7. 

Rehms has worked as a shift supervisor at the 24-hour drive-thru Starbucks off South 72nd Street in Tacoma for the last five years.

Working her usual overnight shift, it was 1am when a man suddenly knocked on the door and said that there was a woman in labour outside, lying on the ground. 

Rashelle jumped into action, grabbed a few towels and helped the woman to give birth. 

Before long, paramedics had arrived, but the woman had luckily got through it all thanks to the Starbucks employee. 

“When you're a mom you kind of go back to those moments when your babies are born,” Rehms explained.

“There was no really fear. It was just mainly this needs to be done and she needs help.”

A spokesperson for Starbucks released a statement saying, ''we're proud of Rashelle for her quick thinking and actions until additional help could arrive, and appreciate their quick response as well.''

Rehms later visited the new mum at Tacoma General Hospital to see how she was doing. 

“It's an honour that I could be there,” Rehms said.

Starbucks have also just announced their plan to do their bit for the environment and get rid of straws by 2020.

This has garnered huge support on social media, with people commenting, ''a step in the right direction. This gives me hope! Our love affair with single-use plastics has got to end'' and ''go #Starbucks!! Banning plastic straws. I guess ppl don't realise what it is like digesting melted plastic and the cancer causing symptoms.''

Between delivering babies to being the largest global food and beverage company to ban plastic straws, Starbucks has gone up in our estimations! 

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