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'It’s a win-win move': GoFundMe no longer charging a platform fee in Ireland

GoFundMe has now become the only major peer-to-peer fundraising platform in Ireland that does not charge a platform fee, which GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon calls a  'win-win move'.

This development is quite exciting considering the millions that have been donated to worthy causes on GoFundMe Ireland. 

Recently, nearly €80,000 was raised by Emmet Kavanagh, who runs Irish Liverpool Reds Facebook page, to support the family of Sean Cox. Sean was stabbed outside Anfield before the Champions League match against Roma.

The outpouring of support is astounding, and Sean's life is one of many that have been affected by the fundraising platform.

“We’ve been amazed by the generosity of people in Ireland since we launched here," noted GoFundMe's CEO.

He added, "We’re looking forward to seeing more people giving and getting the help they need.”

Indeed, the generosity of the Irish public has been overwhelming, as approximately one in every 15 people Ireland have made a donation through GoFundMe.

GoFundMe Ireland launched two years ago, and the elimination of a platform fee marks its 10,000th campaign. 

This zero percent platform fee applies to new campaigns for personal causes. GoFundMe's users will still be charged an industry standard payment processing fee of 2.5 percent plus 25 cents.

The company will now cover customer service, safety precautions, and technology costs with voluntary tips from donors. This pricing change has been successfully launched in the US, UK, and Canada as well.

“As we’ve rolled this new model out in the US, we've had a huge amount of positive feedback from our community," Rob said, "It’s a win-win move, and we think people in Ireland will recognise the outstanding service we provide – and now we’re offering that service for free."

We are ecstatic to hear that GoFundMe is becoming more accessible by eliminating its platform fee.

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